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How to install motherboard into chassis? // 如何將主機板安裝至機殼內?

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Did you know how to install motherboard into chassis?
Follow this zBook step-by-step instruction, you will learn how to do it.
Quickly click on the link, go in and have a look!
We have produced a series of simple knowledge and common sense ebook, with pictures and texts, easy to understand.
A new chapter in zBook:How to install motherboard into chassis?
Click the link below to open! (If you are required to log in after opening, please click “Register” below, fill in your personal user name and email, apply for a Whengi account, and you can read it. )
Web link :https://www.whengi.com/zbook/382/
zBook 全新篇章:如何將主機板安裝至機殼內?
點按下方連結開啟! (如果開啟後要求登入,請在下方點選 “Register” 填寫個人使用者名稱及Email,申請Whengi專屬帳戶,即可觀看。)
網頁連結: https://www.whengi.com/zbook/382/

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