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The new Windows 11 is coming soon // 全新 Windows 11 即將推出!

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The new Windows 11 is coming soon.

Windows 11 will be free for all Windows 10 users, and includes a whole bunch of new features and improvements over the current version of Windows.

Than what’s new in Windows 11?

Come and find out what new features and changes are there!

We have produced a series of simple knowledge and life common sense e-books, with pictures and texts, easy to understand!

A new chapter in zBook:What’s new in Windows 11 ?

Click the link below to open!

Web link: https://www.whengi.com/zbook/250/

全新 Windows 11 即將推出。

Windows 11 將免費提供給所有 Windows 10 用戶,跟當前版本的 Windows 比包含一系列新功能和改進。

那 Windows 11 版本有哪些新功能呢?🤔



zBook 全新篇章:What’s new in Windows 11 ? // Windows 11有哪些新功能?

網頁連結: https://www.whengi.com/zbook/250/

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