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● Find a solution from “zBook”, D.I.Y. If you can`t handle it or pressed for time, choose “Services & Products”. Let pro engineers handle it for you!

動手D.I.Y.,先從 “zBook” 尋找方案。 自己無法處理或時間緊迫,再選擇 “Services & Products” 由專業工程師幫你處理!

If you need technical consultant or pro engineer services. Please go to “Services & Products” to select and place an order.

如果你需要請科技顧問或專業工程師服務,請前往 “Services & Products” 選擇並下單。

Remember to go to “Quote & Buy” for final checkout after placing the order.

下單後記得前往 “Quote & Buy” 進行最後的結帳動作喔!