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Thank you for your continued support and encouragement!

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Thank you for your continued support and encouragement!

In order to provide better service quality, our server is undergoing major rectification and correction recently, so there may be some instability or short-term disconnection in the online service this time. Please bear with me.

The adjustment is expected to be completed before next Monday!

If you have any questions about use, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you as soon as possible~

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因臺灣地區電力公司於2022年06月調整電費電價,造成成本增加,因此我們將會調整部份項目服務的收費金額! 造成不便,懇請見諒!

🆙 更新 + 調整 + 加速

我們近日調整了伺服器後端的設定與各頁面的使用介面,讓網站優化再提升! 更快,更穩,更直覺! 🥳

🔍 搜尋再進化!

許多使用者像我們反應Scenes, zBook, 商品與服務 需要搜尋功能會比較好找到想要尋找的項目,於近日,我們更新並讓搜尋功能更方便,更快速! 🥹

🌡👌 突發狀況已修復!

安全公告:昨日04/22晚上19:50的機房散熱設備異常已於今日04/23凌晨00:20修復完成! 所有服務正常穩定運行!

🌡 緊急公告! 突發狀況! 機房的散熱設備運作異常,雖然各服務正常運作,但機房溫度偏高導致設備運作效能降低,我們正在處理中,會儘快排出問題!